Spice Up Your Life

From mild to wild…we’ve got 23 ways to shake up the month:

1. Adopt a pet.

2. Do something on your I’d Never Be Caught Dead Doing list.

3. Go house hunting for the perfect weekend cottage/Paris flat/mountain cabin.

5. Test-drive your dream car.

6. Take tango lessons (or if you know the tango backward and forward, try the tarantella).

7. Eat something you’ve never tasted: momos (Tibetan dumplings), y’atakelt wat (an Ethiopian vegetable stew), amaranth (an Aztec grain).

8. Learn a foreign language or American Sign Language or Braille.

9. Go back to school – online.

10. Dare to wear higher heels, brighter lipstick and nail polish.

11. Stretch your mind: Read against type (contemporary fiction if you’re a history buff, a potboiler if you favor literary fiction, a political biography if you’re a romance addict).

12. Go for the rush: Try rock climbing, hang gliding, or the flying trapeze.

13. Invite someone to lunch you’ve always wanted to meet.

14. Agree to give a speech.

15. Sniff around for a new signature scent.

16. Welcome mechanical failure as an opportunity to learn how your laptop/fuse box/car works.

17. Have your home feng shui’d to invite positive energy.

18. Sleep outdoors, under the stars.

19. Adopt a corner of your block/neighborhood/world to protect, tend, and keep clean.

20. Rattle some cages: Start an e-mail petition or plan a demonstration to raise awareness of an important cause.

21. Sign up for an Earthwatch expedition and assist field scientists studying wildlife, geology, or world health.

22. Follow your heart.

23. Say yes.

~contributed by O Magazine

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