We’re delighted you’re here! This is a wonderful Global Community of Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives. The Global Women’s Association is an ideal collaboration between SUCCESS in Real Estate and Dr. Paula Fellingham’s Women’s Information Network (WIN).

 The Global Women’s Association is a caring community of women who want to connect and collaborate. It is a place where women come to learn about TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE – about how to live our BEST lives – personally, in our families, and in our businesses.

 You’ll learn everything from Self Mastery to How to be a Practically Perfect Parent to How to Create Financial Abundance.

 AND this is where you can connect and collaborate with other women – worldwide – as we help each other live our best lives.

 Enjoy our videos, articles, monthly webinars, and click here for the FORUM, where you can share your ideas, suggestions and stories.

 Now, make yourself at home. You’re with women who care about you and want to help you live your best life. 🙂

Message from Dr. Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham

Hello! I’m Paula Fellingham, Founder of the Global Women’s Association, in partnership with SUCCESS in Real Estate. Welcome to the GWA Community!

 This is a place where you can share your heart, your ideas, suggestions, and stories that will help other women live their best lives. And you can learn from them – creating “WIN WINS”.

 You see, every woman has special skills and talents. When you share those with others they’ll learn, they’ll be strengthened, AND you can help women prevent problems because they learned from you how to avoid the challenges you experienced.

 We truly CAN help each other live our best lives.

 So I encourage you to go to our FORUM right now and share. Post your thoughts about anything you think might help another woman, in her personal life or in her business. Share your successes! Share your failures! Share things you’ve learned during your “life journey”.

 And ASK questions about things YOU need help with.

 And you’ll see that I’ll answer – or a “sister” friend will answer – and we’ll grow our community one kind, helpful comment at a time. We can always use more friends who truly care about us, right?

 FYI – we have a “sister organization” – The WIN (www.theWINonline.com) – that presents live events across the globe. I’d love to meet you in person at a WIN event!

 My partners at SUCCESS IN REAL ESTATE and I invite you to jump in and participate!

 Have a wonderful day!

Dr. Paula Fellingham





NETWORKING and NURTURING are two things women do VERY well! To network here, click below. To network “in person” attend one of our events. We’re excited about connecting with you!

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