Problem Solving in Families

Every family has problems.  How we handle our problems makes all the difference.  These are some ideas on how to solve problems:

  1. Be positive. Look for a solution by asking, “How can I solve this problem?” instead of asking, “Why did this happen to me?”  Try to see problems as challenges that you can overcome, and as possible opportunities to learn and grow.
  1. Communicate with each other. Expressing feelings is an important part of surviving a crisis. All family members need to know they’re listened to and that their concerns are considered.
  1. Take small steps. Most problems aren’t fixed immediately. Tackle problems one step at a time.
  1. Draw on spiritual resources. God will sustain and strengthen individuals and families in time of need when they turn to Him.

Families can solve problems better when they develop “We can do it together!” attitudes.  Most problems can be solved when families talk about it as soon as the problem arises, discuss all possible solutions, then decide how they’ll “tackle it” together. Even huge conflicts can be resolved more easily when several people work together to find solutions.

Helping, supporting, and encouraging one another are keys to problem solving. Working through problems together strengthens relationships and helps bond family members to one another.

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310 thoughts on “Problem Solving in Families

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