Second Women In Leadership Africa Forum And Awards In East Africa

Posted on January 1, 2015 by Global Women’s Association

Coastweek –

The 2nd Women in Leadership Africa Forum and Awards 2013 (WILA), an innovational and stellar event bringing together influential women leaders from all over East Africa, is set to take place in Kenya for the second time this year. WILA 2013, a vision conceptualized by IDEANOMICS Global, is fast becoming an ideal platform for women in leadership – from politics to the most important business leaders and entrepreneurs – from various regions in Africa. The impressive two-day event is set to take place at the prestigious InterContinental Nairobi, Kenya, on 18th and 19th September 2013.

Organized by IDEANOMICS Global and co-sponsored by Barclays Bank, the prominent two-day event will feature talks, panel discussions and key notes from women leaders addressing the current landscape and key challenges facing women’s integration into East Africa’s public and private sectors. The forum also aims to motivate young female entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders by providing them with access to some of the most eminent women leaders from diverse industries including energy, technology, media and several ministries.

Mr. Savio Coutinho, Executive Director & CEO, IDEANOMICS Global, said, “The ‘Women in Leadership’ series is the only platform that addresses pressing issues affecting African women, as well as celebrates the success of the continent’s most inspirational women leaders. We are delighted with the support received from distinguished bodies such as the African Union and African National Council, as well as the visionary insight of some of our past speakers which include Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Folorunso Alakija, Baleka Mbete, Dr. Snowy Khoza, Wendy Ackerman, Lindani Dhlamini, Cath Coetzer and Antoinette Irvine; and hope to mirror its success in East Africa.”

The 2nd WILA of the nationwide series follows the phenomenal success of the inaugural event, which took place earlier this year in South Africa, and was attended by the most successful and inspirational women leaders of the region, including government ministers, CEOs and business leaders from across the region.

“Traditionally, men have always been at the forefront of taking on leadership roles and driving change in every facet of life. Women, on the other hand, have always been champions of the household and, most essentially, the upkeep of their families. Times have changed and societies need to create the right platforms for women to integrate into leadership roles and help bring about diversity and balance to traditional views and mindsets,” states Mr. Coutinho.

Day one of the unique and esteemed event will welcome noteworthy speakers, sponsors and media with an enjoyable scrumptious breakfast, hosted by Proctor and Allan, which will be followed by the celebrated speakers and sponsors addressing the forum by highlighting and reviewing the challenges faced by women in the private sector.

Mr. Coutinho further comments, “WILA aims to give women leaders an opportunity to meet, discuss and advise next generation women leaders on the needs of creating that environment that will help them in successfully reaching their aspirational goals, empowering them and ultimately helping them in ‘Fostering the Future of Africa’.”

The dynamic and innovative 2nd Women in Leadership Africa Forum & Awards 2013 will conclude with a glamorous awards ceremony followed by a lavish cocktail reception, exciting raffle draw and fabulous gifts – courtesy of L’Oreal.

IDEANOMICS GLOBAL is a business information company that creates produces and hosts business and social forums globally.

The forums are aligned to governments and business leaders’ agendas ensuring its success.

Women in Leadership Africa Forum & Awards (WILA) honors and celebrates women leaders around the continent of Africa. It recognizes women who are social entrepreneurs, political representatives, media personnel, businesswomen, human rights defenders and civil society advocates. WILA celebrates the achievements of women leaders to strengthen democracy, increase economic opportunity, and protect human rights. It is the absolute platform for all women across Africa and from all walks of life, to come together under one roof to analyze the past, consolidate the present and map out the future of African women and their roles in “Fostering the Future of Africa”.

More information on IDEANOMICS GLOBAL and Women in Leadership Africa Forum and Awards can be found on:

IDEANOMICS        and         WILA

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