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When you know yourself and believe in yourself with all your heart and soul, the unthinkable becomes thinkable. For example, Walter Russell, when he was 15 years old, was asked by his girlfriend if he would take her to the opera, but then she told him that she was referring to the entire series, not just one performance. The series cost $80, and since he was earning only $12 a week, he said: “That’s impossible.”

She retorted, “I’ve never heard you say something was impossible.”

Walter replied, “Okay, we’re going to the opera.”

When it came time to buy tickets, he found himself waiting in a long line with only $6 in his pocket. But he had the secret of the universe in his head; and he knew he would have the $80 by the time he got to the head of the line.

As the line began to move, Walter approached by a man who asked: “Would you like to sell your place in line for $5? Am ordinary person would take the $5, run to the back of the line, and hope someone would buy his place in line again. Not Walter. He quickly pulled from his pocket a small notebook and asked, “Would you like to have the tickets delivered to your door?”

The man gave Walter the money for the tickets plus $5, and Walter wrote down the customer’s name and address. Holding the money between his fingers like a bookmaker, he became a magnet, drawing scores of people to him. Soon he had the money necessary for the entire series – plus an additional $110.

Amazingly, not one person asked for a receipt. When you know yourself and believe in yourself, you give off vibrations of honesty and sincerity.


The world would be sad and silent if no birds sang except the very best. Within you lies a song not sung, a word not heard, an action not taken, a life yet to live. Yes, every individual has worth and can contribute. Everyone has something to offer.

I’ve seen talented people convince themselves they are worthless. I’ve seen people out of work, despite having 30 years of successful experience, because they are convinced they have nothing to offer a company. Why do some people rank themselves so low? They develop the habit of putting themselves down.

It can happen to anyone. One woman in her early forties would get depressed every afternoon and put herself down. One day she went to her doctor for a checkup. When she mentioned her depression, the physician looked at her in amazement and said: “You are intelligent, talented, and beautiful. You have the body of a 26 year old. The next time you get depressed, look at yourself in a mirror, and say, ’I’m attractive, I’m talented, I am beautiful, and I like myself.’”

As she followed his advice, she began to realize she had value, she was important, she had worth.Sadly, few people ever will compliment you, tell you how good you are, or help you determine your strengths.

So next time you get down on yourself, look in a mirror, and see the value and beauty that lies within you, then sing like you have never sung before.

~ James S. Payne – Professor of Special Education at the University of Mississippi from PeopleWise Motivation

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