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Lending & Investing Resources

Our lending services partner provides multiple loan options, deal desk services, and more to help facilitate your real estate investing endeavors.


The lender is an independent, third-party private lender who makes commercial loans. Borrower must be an active business entity (such as an LLC or corporation). The maximum loan amount is $750,000 per property. All loan approvals are subject to the lender’s underwriting and lending criteria.

3 Day Loan

Commonly known as ABC or Flip deals, Insider’s Cash can provide the funding you need to complete the transaction in compliance with lending and escrow guidelines.

There are two parts to a 3 Day transaction; your purchase and your sale. First, you will purchase the property, with Insider’s Cash funds, that you plan to flip. Second, you will sell the property to an end-buyer the same or next day. You keep nearly all the profits! Remember that your end buyer’s money needs to be in trust with the title company BEFORE Insider’s Cash will send funds for your purchase, so both transactions can happen quickly. Our 3 Day Transactional Funding program is perfect if you already have your purchase and sale ready to close.

3 Month Loans

If the type of real estate transaction you’re doing will take longer than 72 hours to complete, you should use the Insider’s Cash 3 Month program.

Perfect for minor rehab properties, properties that will take a little longer to market, or any deal that requires seasoning, this program helps you take advantage of more opportunities by providing you with quick and simple transactional funding.

3 Year Loans

As a real estate investor, getting the most competitive bank financing at the lowest rate is one of the most important factors that influences the profitability of your business, on properties you intend to hold.

By working with Insider’s Cash on your existing free and clear properties, or future purchases, you double the amount of working capital you have and thereby increase your cash flow, appreciation, and tax deduction opportunities.

Property Analysis

Our Property Analysis Tool can be used by investors to help determine estimated property value and financial opportunity related to a real estate property. The sources we use are utilized by the largest investors in the world so you can be confident you have the information necessary to help make an intelligent decision.

Information Included:

  • Maps (Street & Arial)
  • Comparable Properties
  • How to Conduct Due Dilligence
  • Location Information
  • Comparable Sales Amounts
  • Lending Services
  • Property Characteristics
  • Comparable Rental Amounts
  • Title Services
  • Zoning Information
  • Demographic Information
  • Inspection Services
  • Tax Records
  • Information on Investment Strategy
  • Contractor Services
  • Sale Information
  • How to Calculate Cash Flow
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You have worked hard, paid your dues and find yourself finally making the money you always wanted. Unfortunately this brings a sort of tendencies for others to place a big red target on you and your assets. We can help you implement the shield to protect your personal and professional assets. The careful planning of your investment profile and business structure are the keys to protecting yourself. We want to help you implement your strategies effectively.

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Safeguard Business Advantage was created in order to assemble a complete array of entrepreneurial services all in one convenient location. We’ve gathered experts in every facet of business management so that our clientele always has access to the information they need. As a result of our extensive experience we don’t simply deal with challenges… we help our clients transform their challenges into opportunities.

Business in the 21st Century is done at the speed of light. It’s simply not productive for a lone individual to attempt to acquire all of the knowledge and skills necessary to run even a simple operation in an entirely hands-on fashion. This is why the majority of successful business owners must master the skills of delegation and outsourcing. This strategy allows them to concentrate their efforts on what they do best, while giving them the peace of mind to know that the other facets of their business are being handled professionally.

For many small businesspeople the regulatory, accounting, licensing and tax functions are prime candidates for farming-out to dedicated experts. The business owner is usually much more interested in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams than in studying the tax code. It’s this focus and understanding that can ultimately make their dreams come true. If that sounds like the way you intend to do business, then we ought to talk.

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Investment Assets

We’re looking to increase people’s portfolio through real property. Our system is design to help you acquire high quality real estate that will boost your income results.

Investment Grade Real Estate Investments

BuyPD is a provider of real estate assets to serious investors/members. These assets include:

Single Family Homes – These properties are meant to be a long term investment for those who want to collect a monthly cash flow. The training that is provided will show you how to work with property manager so you can successfully manage properties from anywhere in the country.

Tax Liens – When home owners default on their property taxes, the government sell the rights to these taxes to savvy investors at mandated interest rates. BuyPD provides acquires these tax liens and offers them to members, doing much of the leg work for them.

Land – Property values in the U.S. are rebounding and it is a great time to invest in vacant lots ready to be built on. Strategies for land include developing, hold and flip, and more.

Trust Deeds – When home owners and other investors get a loan for their properties, they usually pay interest to a bank. BuyPD sells loans similar to this to investors so they can collect this interest.

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