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Our Student’s Success

Since completing their training we ask our students about their real estate success. While some students attend the training for the education only, others attend the training to develop active or passive investment income. We survey our students who purchased advanced training—above and beyond the 3-day Workshop—and have the survey results audited by an independent third-party. Because of the nature of each real estate transaction we did not determine whether or not the transaction made money. We are pleased to share with you the outstanding results of our students and training.

The Student Success Disclosure was conducted via a third-party, with students who had purchased and attended an Advanced Training Program greater than six months ago, with a survey sample over an 18-month period, the Company or an affiliated partner. Overall response rate was 46%. An “Advanced Training Student” is defined by the Company as an individual who attended the 3-Day workshop, and also purchased advanced training.

These Satisfaction Survey results were compiled over a 12 month period, from the Company, or an affiliated partner, and audited by a third-party. Some students attend the training for education purposes only, but were also included in the Satisfaction Survey results. Not every student like those shown here achieves similar results.

Some students attend the training and do not make money. We provide educational products and training. We do not sell a business opportunity. Additionally, we do not offer any tax, accounting, financial or legal advice. Individual results will likely be determined by individual effort, experience, time spent and the ability to apply what has been learned.

What Our Students Say:

We believe our students are our greatest assets. As a result, our mission is to provide the highest quality instruction possible. To accomplish our goal we endeavor to present fundamental real estate investing concepts in both an academic and real-world application. We also strive to teach the most advanced and trending techniques in the market today. It is our sincere hope every student will be able to change their lives for the better, as a result of the things learned with our institution.




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DISCLAIMER: We provide real estate education and training. We do not sell a business opportunity. We make no earnings or return on investment claims. Additionally, we do not offer any tax, accounting, financial, or legal advice. Marketing services for Property Education, LLC, provided by EvTech Media. Education support and fulfillment services provided by Real Estate Education Group. Prior to undertaking any real estate transaction, you should consult your own accounting, legal and tax advisors evaluate the risks consequences and suitability of that transaction.