VMG=Your Ideal Life


Vision, Mission, Goals (VMG) Formula:

The question most people must answer is not “Is this right or wrong?” but rather, “Which of all the good options should I choose?”

The delightful fact is, you have a myriad of choices available relative to your path in life. However with so many choices, developing a system, a plan, by which to choose your ideal direction is critically important.


V = Vision Statement

  • Make a list of your core values.
  • Answer: What is most important in my life?
  • Answer: What do I want to help create during lifetime?

M = Mission Statement

  • Answer: How will I achieve my life vision?

G = Goals

  • Long-term goals.
    • Answer: What do I want my life to look like in 25 years?
  • Short-term goals
    • Answer: What do I want my life to look like in 1 year?

By staying focused on your vision, mission, and goals – the VMG formula – you’ll make better daily decisions. Why? Because you’ll have a clear idea of precisely what you want. You’ll know exactly where you’re going. You’ll be less distracted by things that don’t fit into your strategy, and you’ll notice opportunities that will move you toward your goals. And when you move slightly off-course, which will inevitably happen now and again, with such focus you’ll be able to quickly move back on task.

The VMG formula allows you to answer, passionately and unequivocally, the question, “Which of all the good options in life should I choose?” And, knowing the answer to that question puts your feet firmly on the road that leads to joyfulness and a life of meaningful purpose.

~Dr. Paula

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